The 2016 Miles Franklin Award Guidelines provide further information on eligibility and criteria.

About the award

The Miles Franklin Award has a history almost as colourful as Miles Franklin herself. Like any institution that has been around for over 50 years, the Award has attracted great praise and affection – but also some comments and criticism.

Have you ever wondered who the first (or the 12th or the 35th) winner of the Award was? How are the judges chosen? How do they pick the best book from so many contenders? And does it have to be by an Australian writer?

These questions – and more – answered here.

The book that started it all, 
My Brilliant Career

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Letter of submission to publisher for My Brilliant Career
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Role of the Trustee

Perpetual as Trustee is Trustee for the Miles Franklin Literary Award, a most treasured responsibility. Perpetual as Trustee’s role in administering the award is to ensure that the wishes of Miles Franklin are met. In 2010, the trustee began to focus on refreshing the award to further grow and promote the legacy of Miles Franklin and her legacy both in Australia and internationally.